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15 Nov 2006

One of the best methods to visualize ROV data is to show them as overlay on images from camera.
This project can be used in any ROV. It presents data read from sensors mixed with video signal from camera. It can read data from analog 4-20mA sensors and from I²C chips. Although project assume usage of specific sensors, any I²C or 4-20mA sensors can be used. Only software needs small modifications.

06 Jun 2006
I2C driver board


  • I²C bus, only 2 microcontroller lines are required
  • 8 independent channels, each 500mA (650mA peak)
  • Output can be paralleled
  • Controls 2 unipolar steppers 500mA/phase or 1 stepper 1000mA/phase
  • Selectable I²C address
  • Externally powered (50V max) or 5V from I²C header
  • Simple small single sided PCB
  • Based on cheap and popular ICs

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