ESPHome SNMP Component

This is description of the external ESPHome component that enables support for SNMP protocol. The protocol is widely used in network management and network monitoring.

This component requires Wi-Fi enabled. It supports version 2c of the protocol. All items are read only.

# Example configuration entry
  contact: Joe
  location: Basement

Configuration variables

  • contact (Optional, string): Value for sysContact ( OID. Defaults to an empty string.

  • location (Optional, string): Value for sysLocation ( OID. Defaults to an empty string.


SNMP is not supported for Ethernet.


Add the following section to your ESPHome YAML configuration file:

    # SNMP component
    - source: github://aquaticus/esphome-snmp

OID List

OID (Object Identifier) is an address used to uniquely identify statuses.


General system information.

  • (sysDescr): System description including firmware version and board type

  • (sysObjectId): Object id, different for ESP32 and ESP8266

  • (sysUptime): The time (in hundredths of a second) since Wi-Fi established connection. If the standard WiFi component is used always 0.

  • (sysContact): Identification of the contact person. Set by contact configuration entry

  • (sysName): Name of the node

  • (sysLocation): Physical location of the node. Set by location configuration entry

  • (sysServices): Set of services. Always 64

  • (hrSystemUptime): The amount of time since the bootup

To make sysUptime work you must use extended WiFi. See more here: Network uptime.


Information about FLASH and RAM.

  • (hrMemorySize): The amount of standard RAM memory in kb


  • (hrStorageIndex): Always 1

  • (hrStorageDesc): Description of the storage: FLASH

  • (hrAllocationUnit): Always 1

  • (hrStorageSize): FLASH memory size

  • (hrStorageUsed): FLASH memory usage


For ESP8266 it shows 0 as size and usage.

  • (hrStorageIndex): Always 2

  • (hrStorageDesc): Description of the storage: PSI RAM

  • (hrAllocationUnit): Always 1

  • (hrStorageSize): SPI RAM memory size

  • (hrStorageUsed): SPI RAM memory usage


Wi-Fi signal details.

  • 1.3.9999.4.1.0: RSSI

  • 1.3.9999.4.2.0: BSSI

  • 1.3.9999.4.3.0: SSID

  • 1.3.9999.4.4.0: IP address

ESP32 heap

Available only on ESP32 based chips.

  • 1.3.9999.32.1.0: Heap size

  • 1.3.9999.32.2.0: Free heap

  • 1.3.9999.32.2.0: Minimum free heap

  • 1.3.9999.32.2.0: Maximum allocated heap

ESP8266 heap

Available only for ESP8266 chips.

  • 1.3.9999.8266.1.0: Free heap

  • 1.3.9999.8266.2.0`: Heap fragmentation in percents

  • 1.3.9999.8266.2.0: Maximum size of the free heap block


CPU details.

  • 1.3.9999.2.1.0: chip type, 32 for EPS32, 8266 for ESP8266

  • 1.3.9999.2.2.0: CPU Clock

  • 1.3.9999.2.3.0: Chip model fo ESP32 or core version for ESP8266

  • 1.3.9999.2.4.0: Number of CPU cores

  • 1.3.9999.2.5.0: ESP32 chip revision or 0 for ESP8266


Integration tests are available for ths component:

Network monitoring

For a practical guide on how to monitor ESPHome devices see ESPHome network monitoring.